Over the last few years, more and more doctors and patients have been choosing to prescribe and buy clopidogrel in the form of Plavix.  As a consequence, Plavix has become one of the best-selling prescription medications globally.  However, before buying Plavix online, it is important to get to know some facts about the drug and its uses.


Plavix is a proprietary form of the generic drug clopidogrel, which is a widely used anti-coagulant that has a number of specific uses in routine medical practice. By far the most widespread use of Plavix is to work towards the prevention of blood clots, usually in individuals who suffer from one or more of a number of conditions of the heart or of the blood vessels in general. In such cases, Plavix may be prescribed to reduce the risk of blood clots forming if they pose a significant risk to health or to life.  The medication may also be prescribed after a particular disturbance to health. For example, Plavix is frequently prescribed when it is necessary to prevent the blood from clotting in the aftermath of a heart attack or a stroke.

It is important to note that the action of Plavix in preventing blood clots may also, in some cases, mean that an individual becomes more susceptible to bleeding, which may be internal. Any bleeding that occurs during or after a course of Plavix or clopidogrel should therefore be immediately reported to a doctor for medical evaluation.

How does Plavix work?

Plavix works by acting on the platelets in the blood to prevent them from coagulating.  This is the process that causes blood to clot, and so effectively Plavix works by direct prevention of the clotting process in the blood.  Specifically, clopidogrel has an effect on the ADP receptors that are to be found on the cell membranes on blood platelets. Clopidogrel inhibits one of the particular subtypes of the ADP receptors, to subsequently suppress the clotting process.

Clopidogrel, including Plavix, is known as a pro-drug, which means that it is activated through metabolism in the liver. Because of this process, the initial effect of the drug may not, therefore, be noticed until approximately two hours after a dose is taken.  The onset of the effect of clopidogrel is thus quite slow, which should be taken into account in the dosages that are prescribed by a doctor.

The full process of metabolizing a dose of clopidogrel and consequently expelling it from the body may take around five days.  A small number of individuals may not be able to metabolize clopidogrel in the liver, and thus may not benefit from the full potential effect of the drug.  The intended action of Plavix, which hinders the clotting of blood, also means that bleeding may occur of may be difficult to stop.  For this reason, an individual who has been taking Plavix should notify their doctor or dentist well in advance of any treatment, so that any necessary steps, such as temporarily suspending doses of the medication, can be taken a sufficient time in advance.

Purchasing Plavix online

Ordering Plavix online, against a valid prescription from a doctor, is similar to ordering Plavix from any other pharmacy in the high street.  There are certain advantages that may be found in buying Plavix, along with other prescription medications and medical supplies, from an online pharmacy.  For example, the lower overhead costs that are involved in online business can often be passed on to the customer in the form of reduced prices and better value goods.  However, the products that are sold from reputable and certified online pharmacies are the same as those that are sold in high street pharmacies.  The brands and generic medications that are available, such as Plavix and generic Plavix, are subject to the same controls and, in most cases, come from the same sources whether they are sold over the counter or over the Internet.

Prescription medications still require a valid prescription when they are bought online, and provision is made in the process of ordering Plavix for the prescription to be communicated to the online pharmacy.  In the case of any uncertainty, individuals who have been prescribed Plavix by their doctor can consult a professional pharmacist in the course of buying Plavix online.

How to take Plavix

The specific prescription from the doctor who is prescribing the use of Plavix should include instructions on how to take the medication.  In all cases, individuals taking prescription medications should follow the advice of their doctors in matters such as dosage amounts and the frequency with which to take doses.  However, there are some general guidelines that are followed in the majority of cases of Plavix usage.

After buying clopidogrel from a pharmacy according to a prescription, the drug should be stored at room temperature, and it should not be exposed to excessive moisture or to excessive heat.  Clopidogrel in the form of Plavix is supplied as tablets to be taken orally, and when taken in the dose as stipulated on the prescription, tablets should be swallowed with a glass of water.  A dose of clopidogrel can be taken at meal-time or it can be taken separately from food.  To avoid interruptions in the dosage of clopidogrel such as Plavix, it is advisable to renew a prescription in good time.  It is also advisable to maintain regular visits to the prescribing doctor in order to monitor the effects of the drug on the blood.

As Plavix prevents blood from clotting, advice should be sought before undergoing any medical or dental procedure that may cause bleeding.  Usually, the doctor or dentist will suspend doses of clopidogrel for a period of at least five days before medical or dental work, but a user of Plavix should follow the specific instructions given for their individual case.  Similarly, it is normal to be able to resume use of the medication soon afterwards, but the timing of this should also be decided under the supervision of the medical professionals involved in the case.